I have a long history of back pain and at the beginning of 2018 I found myself in pain unable to undertake normal daily tasks. I took up a recommendation, from my wife and daughter, to see Amelia and over a period of six consultations she worked with care and consideration, providing clear advice on the recovery process and the dos and don’ts, and within a couple of months my recovery was complete. I would not hesitate to recommend Amelia to anyone.


I attended Yate Osteopathic Practice (Amelia Davies) with multiple joint problems, including shoulder, lower back and hip. After two sessions, my back and hip pain have resolved completely. I am having ongoing treatment for my shoulder which is improving every week.

I have been made to feel very relaxed and comfortable by Amelia and she has used a holistic approach to my problems and had given me some really useful lifestyle advice which I have found to be beneficial. The whole experience has been really positive and I can highly recommend this service.


Amelia has treated me for a number of back and sport related injuries and I have found her to be very friendly and professional. She has provided knowledgeable and efficient treatment that keeps me mobile and active. Highly recommended.


I find Amelia both efficient and competent, as well as warm and welcoming. She always makes me feel better when I leave, compared to when I arrive. She is great at sorting out my aches and pains.


Amelia has treated me for several different problems over the years. I’ve always left her treatment room feeling better than when I went in and after a few sessions each of the problems has been completely resolved


I first contacted Amelia after my wife had used her osteopath services for a back problem that she had. It transpired that Amelia is also qualified in acupuncture, a treatment that I was considering to help with pains I was experiencing in my hands.

From my very first appointment Amelia put me at ease (I have a genuine dislike of needles!). She was professional, friendly and able to explain various aspects of the treatment to me as I do ask a lot of questions!!! From the first appointment the pain in my hands reduced. It is now down to manageable levels maintained by top up treatments at regular intervals. This continues to really ease the pain in my hands for which I am eternally grateful to Amelia, I also would like to say that Amelia is the nicest medical professional that I have ever met.


For some time now I have been visiting Amelia and I can only praise her work. She has a very relaxed and professional manner which puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. I appreciate very much the relief from the pain in my back and neck, which, with time has now either gone or improved immensely. I am still a regular visitor through her door and will continue to be so. Amelia is a highly recommended osteopath.


Amelia’s sessions have helped me enormously- after a thorough assessment she literally put me back together last year following a back injury. I now visit her regularly and always come out feeling relaxed and renewed. I cannot recommend her highly enough, her experience and professionalism are second to none and you really feel that you are in the best hands!


Amelia has been great in sorting out my lower back problem. Contacting her unknown always leaves scope for how well will this go?

Well, she immediately put my mind at rest in our first consultation in the quiet and friendly way she built up a medical history before she even laid hands on. Her approach is friendly, professional and confidence building and the manipulation she carried out was tailored specifically for me and was done without some of the awful ‘bone cracking’ that other practitioners seem to revel in. Her treatment has allowed me to get back to normal physical activities and importantly the advice she provided on self-help has been invaluable at maintaining her good work. I have had no hesitation in recommending her on to others and will continue to do so. Thank you.


Amelia is a highly professional Osteopath and I will always be eternally grateful for what she has done to help me.I have been a patient of Amelia’s since early 2005, I believe this in itself speaks volumes. It is so refreshing to meet someone who is so caring and accomodating to your needs, whether you are young or old she will put you at ease in minutes, and you just know you are in the best hands


Amelia has been a great help. As a keen runner I started struggling with very regular painful stitches and abdominal spasms after my first pregnancy leaving me to cut my runs short, which wasn’t ideal when training for a half marathon. She helped loosen up my tight back which was my main problem, and I have now been pain free for a few months. And to top it off she is super friendly and welcoming, and I really enjoyed my sessions.


After suffering from sciatica for three months and spending a lot of money on various treatments, none of which helped, I tried Amelia Davies Osteopathy. When I first went to see her I lay on the floor in the waiting room as sitting was too painful. Two sessions later there was a big improvement and one month later I was out building again.

I can not speak highly enough of Amelia, not only is she an excellent Osteopath, she is also a caring, lovely person who I would recommend to anyone.


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